Bobs and lobs? So yesterday. Today celebs are all #longhairdontcare- but the look falls short on some.

Hollywood's latest hair craze? Going from a chin-length crop one day to Rapunzel-worthy locks the next. Gone are the days of messy tracks and synthetic strands that felt (and looked!) more like straw, says Lorien Meillon of Ken Paves Salon in Los Angeles, who works with Meghan Trainor. "From clip-in and go pieces to human hair varieties, extensions have become virtually undetectable, so you can chop off your hair, then "grow" it back in seconds", explains Meillon. To add length and volume to your hair at home, simply back-comb sections of hair at the roots (this creates an anchor for the extensions) and clip pieces (like 10-inch hair tensity Human & Premium Blend hair,) into places. but be forwarded, the long locks look isn't for everyone, especially those with a narrow face-sorry, Khloe, but your wavy bob worked way better. Credit from:  square faceoval faceRound face