As a hair stylist for so many years, I always was told by lots of my clients that they could not deal with blowing out her hair, so they just puts styling lotion in it-and they love it. The next day they love it even more. My Point is : The hotter the days get- and the hotter the planets gets- the less anyone is going to want to deal with heat styling. Ans products today are so insanely advances, you really don't need to. heat hair

  1. Consider your hair type (and color) In general, if your hair is fine and straight, use less product. If your hair is thicker or dark, it can handle more. Dark hair tends to read as solid, so the more texture, the better. If dark hair is too uniform, it can look like lego-person hair. 
  2. Start with conditioning cream. Like some products on market, you can put a dime size amount in your palm, rub your hands together, and pull them through your hair while it's still damp. Really get in there so the hair is well coated. Once it's dry, get out your beach spray. The key is to spray the ocean mist on your hand, not your hair. Scrunch your ends up and boom: surfer texture. You can also try a fun hairstylist's trick: mix conditioner cream and salt spray in your hands and work them through damp hair to approximately non-crunchy beach waves. 
  3. Beach sprays can be a little drying. So you might want to bring shine back to make your hair look healthy. Shine serum, is usually stylist's last step. or, if you have great natural texture, it's my only step. Use a few drops to cover your palms and run them over the outer layer of your hair. 
  4. If you're digging your hair, you will love it even more the next day. That's where dry shampoo comes in. It gives the hair that awesome look.